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"Just perfect"

This app is just Perfect! Being a serial Note taker, I've always found it painful to take notes listening to podcasts. This app does the job and does it well.

"Now I Over-Bookmark"

Didn't care at first, but now I over bookmark, and can listen to my research podcasts while driving or walking.

I wanted a podcast app that does bookmarking, and found this genius implementation.

"Love it"

The only podcast app in which you can take notes and place bookmarks during a podcast episode. Love it

"Prácticamente perfecta"

Esta app es una de mis imprescindibles. La transcripción en español es bastante mejorable pero ahorra trabajo y, sobre todo, tiempo. Gracias a Momento aprovecho mis paseos para aprender sin que se me escape nada.

"Love the Notion integration"

I love the notion integration, it's the right step forward, I see a big potential!

"Seamless Spotify import"

I normally listen to my podcasts on Spotify & loved that I could import from my account! It automatically loaded my saved podcasts. Definitely using this app for my podcasts moving forward!

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