Looking for a new podcast?

Looking for a new podcast?

Get Started with Podcasts
Jan 2, 2022

What is a podcast?

Podcasts have been around since about 2004 and have been growing in popularity. A podcast is simply an audio recording, sometimes it's an interview, and other times it's just one person narrating a story.

Think of a podcast like a YouTube channel; but with only audio. Just like there are YouTube channels for everything from science to comedy; there is also a podcast for everything (with more created every day!).

As developers of Momento, and avid podcast listeners, we often get asked "which podcast should I start with?" So we decided to put together a list. We hope this list helps you find your first, or next favorite podcast!

Business Wars


If you’re looking for something entertaining and informative, Business Wars tells the stories of how famous businesses competed to change the world. With great voice-acting to immerse you in the story, this podcast is sure the become one of your favorites.

Not sure where to start? Consider Nike, vs. Adidas, Starbucks vs. Dunkin, or TikTok vs. Instagram.

Masters of Scale


Reid Hoffman, host of Masters of Scale and Co-founder of LinkedIn, discusses how to grow a business across all stages of its lifecycle. With engaging conversations with some of the industry’s best leaders, Reid extracts key lessons on how to create a business that can change the world.

How to Take Over the World


Recently supported by another popular podcast, My First Million, this is a great podcast if you are intrested in learning about the mindsets of history’s greatest leaders. From Thomas Edison to Steve Jobs, you will get the details on how these leaders thought, operated, succeeded, and failed.

On Purpose with Jay Shetty


After spending 3 years as a monk, Jay has comitted his life’s work to bringing the wisdom he learned to the world. On Purpose explores a breadth of topics, including relationships, productivity, goal setting, and more. This is a great podcast to help you be more thoughtful about life and learn ideas/habits to help you grow!

Philosophize This!


With 150+ episodes, Stephen West succinctly explains a breadth of philosophies, with thr goal of making them easy to understand. This is a great podcast to get up to speed with some of the greatest thinkers of history.

The School of Greatness


Lewis Howes is a New York Times best-selling author, 2x All-American athlete, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur. With over 1200 episodes, you’re likely to find an interview that inspires you. Whether it’s a chat about mindset with Shaun White, or how to build multiple streams of income with Ali Abdaal, there are tons of great episodes with interesting discussions on how to achieve greatness, whatever that means for you!

With 1 million+ podcasts, you can learn about almost anything, be entertained, or just get a daily update on the news. The passive nature of podcasts make them great for consuming content on the go, while cooking, walking, driving, or even skiing down a mountain.

Using Momento, you can save your favorite moments with just 1-tap, including an automatic transcription. Learn more about how to save podcast moments with the app, your headphones, or even while driving!

Happy Listening 🎙️🎧